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susannah ([personal profile] susannah) wrote2009-05-06 06:25 pm

children in the woods

It was a near perfect afternoon, the bright spring sunshine, and playing with about 40 children in the woods.

No-one got upset, no-one got stressed. Just children being children, in our hide and seek wide game.

Our woods are beautiful at the moment, bluebells everywhere, and the children nestling, hiding under every bush, up trees, behind tree trunks.

Then they're seen and they run 'for their lives' and scream and shout. Close to nature and their own nature.

At the end, a couple of them came up to me. 'Who's going to play this game when you are gone?'

Then we dispersed, and they went and got changed, and I ran down the hill among the buttercups, and along the sparkling water which led me home.
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Ah, you came over to DW too? Excellent! :-D